DNUG Autumn Conference 2006
Exhibitor Information and Registration Forms

Information on Participation as Exhibitor / Booking of an exhibition stand

1. Stand Booking

Booking an exhibition stand as DNUG member or guest, you can choose between the categories mentioned below. Alteration of stand category is excluded. A fee of 300.00 EUR (member) / 400.00 EUR (nonmember) per person is charged for registration of additional stand staff. Please avoid substitution of stand staff. As of Monday, 2006-11-06, a processing fee of 25.00 EUR will be charged for it.

Your stand staff and your service providers are to be informed of the contract's contents.

2. Exhibition Fees

DNUG members
Stand package
+ 1 person stand staff
1,500.00 EUR
2,600.00 EUR
Stand package
+ 2 people stand staff
1,700.00 EUR
2,900.00 EUR
Booth space 4 m²
+ 1 person stand staff
1,400.00 EUR
2,400.00 EUR
Booth space 4 m²
+ 2 people stand staff
1,600.00 EUR
2,700.00 EUR
Booth space 6 m²
+ 1 person stand staff
1,800.00 EUR
2,800.00 EUR
Booth space 6 m²
+ 2 people stand staff
2,000.00 EUR
3,100.00 EUR

All given prices are net plus statutory VAT.
Please pay your fee after receipt of invoice, by 2006-09-20 at the latest. Your exhibition stand is booked for you only after payment.
Claiming member conditions presupposes payment of membership fees!
Companies participating as exhibitor for the second time in 2006 get 10% discount.

3. Cancellation

A processing fee of 300.00 EUR is charged for cancellation of registration until 2006-09-20. In case of cancellation after this date, the exhibition fee – processing fee deducted - can only be refunded, if another company could be acquired as exhibitor for the stand.

4. Scope of Services

4.1 Stand Construction and Equipment

4.1.1 DNUG Package Stand

The selected booth spaces are offered as DNUG package stand with a uniform booth space of 2.00m x 2.00m. All shell schemes consist of uniform girder elements and will be equipped as follows:
  • 1 standard electric current connection including a triple junction box
  • 2 spotlights for illumination of the stand
  • 2 display walls 1.00 m wide and 2.50m high each, 1 display wall 0.50 m wide and 2.50m high for posters
  • 1 sideboard, lockable
  • 2 bar stools,
  • 1 brochure display stand
  • 1 wastebasket
  • Digital printing of two (self-adhesive) posters for decoration of the wall elements; sizes of the posters: 700mm x 1000mm or 450mm x 1000mm (width x height); sizes 700mm x 1500mm or 450mm x 1500mm available on request for an additional charge; supply of the ready to print layout by the exhibiting company or a contracted service provider by 2006-10-10 at the latest
  • Plate with lighting and lettering (name of either company or product – single line, max. 15 characters)

4.1.2 Individual Stands

The use of own stand equipment is possible at the especially indicated stand areas. The height of all stand constructions is limited to 2.50m.

Standard electric current connection is provided for each booth. The individual stands are not equipped with any furniture free of charge.
Required equipment can be ordered and has to be paid separately.

4.2 Stand Staff

All people registered as stand staff are

- included in the catering of the conference
- entitled to attend the keynote speeches in the plenary session and
- invited to the evening event.

Further access to the conference sessions is not included in the scope of services. On request, 3 vouchers will be provided to every exhibiting company, each voucher entitling to attend one speech during the conference. The vouchers will be handed out on-site.

Stand staff wishing to attend the conference sessions has to be registered as attendees of the conference. The corresponding price categories for members/guests depending on the date of registration are valid.

Special terms are valid for companies acting as Conference Sponsor (for information please see www.DNUG.de).

5. Terms of Use

5.1 Use of the DNUG Stand Package

For the graphic design of the stand, only the display walls provided with the stand construction are to be used. The use of own equipment (furniture, brochure display stands or the like) and of own design elements (displays, roll-ups, trade fair systems etc.) is prohibited by contract.

All equipment and furniture has to be placed within the rented booth space. Use of additional areas as extension of the stand or for promotion activities has to be discussed well in advance and is allowed only with the agreement of the organizer. The use of additional stand space is liable for costs.

5.1.1 Decoration of the Display Walls

Graphic design of the third wand panel by the stand constructing company is possible as additional offer (not included in the exhibition fee). We will be pleased to bring you into direct contact with the stand constructor.

Individual posters may only be attached with double-sided adhesive strips removable without any residue or with the frames offered by the stand constructor.

5.2 Use of Booth Space with Individual Stands

All equipment (furniture, brochure display stands or the like) and design elements (displays, roll-ups, trade fair systems etc.) have to be placed within the rented stand space. Use of additional areas as extension of the stand or for promotion activities shall be discussed well in advance and is allowed only with the agreement of the organizer. The use of additional stand space is liable for costs.

5.3 Liability

All provided equipment has to be handled carefully and according to its use. The exhibiting company is liable for damages incurred - also for damages to equipment, furniture or parts of buildings of the Kongress Palais Kassel - Stadthalle.

5.4 Further Contractual Documents, Stand Layout and Exhibition Plan

With the contract you will receive the form “Stand Construction and Equipment”, which constitutes part of the contract, a drawing of the stand, showing you an example of the design of the shell scheme, and a plan of the exhibition area. Assignment of the stands will be effected by DNUG in accordance with the interested company.

We will be pleased to send you the order form for “Additional Equipment” on request.

The “Exhibitor Guidelines” containing all organizational information will be sent to you in time before the event.

6. Venue + Address for Delivery

Kongress Palais Kassel - Stadthalle -

c/o 25. DNUG-Konferenz / Name of the exhibiting company / Stand number
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 152
D-34119 Kassel
Phone: + 49 (0) 561/ 7882 - 0; fax: + 49 (0) 561 / 7882 - 218

7. Deadlines for Your Input to the Publicize Your Conference Participation


Entry in the Invitation brochure and the Conference folder
Invitation brochure and Conference Web Site:
Logo black/white + short text (max. 100 words + web address)
Conference folde:
Short text completed by company address, central phone number, stand number and contact at the exhibition in Kassel
Updates of the text can be made only till 2006-09-29.


Entry in the Press folder
Press release, max. 1 page European A4 size (one-sided; own design/company layout)


Core message of your exhibition stand for projection on site
1 slide with your company’s layout and catchwords (max. 2 sentences) describing the presented products/services

Signing the contract, the terms of participation, cancellation and stand construction are accepted.

8. Contractual Documents for Download
Exhibition Contract 0112006.pdf

9. Plan of the exhibition

Please click here to download an up-to-date plan

10. Stand Layout
Stand Drawing.jpg

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