Guidelines and Conditions for Speakers/Exhibitors from IT service providers at DNUG Conferences

DNUG Conferences are an outstanding opportunity for you - as IBM Business Partner or IT service provider - to present the advantages and benefits of your company's products/services based on concrete projects/examples of their application in practice to a large audience of your target group.

According to the character of the conference, it is most important to us that the USERS are involved in the speech or deliver the complete presentation themselves.
Problems in the course of the project and their solutions should also be mentioned. These experiences are of interest to the conference attendees, too (Please also see the Speaker's check list). Please hand in an abstract for the thematic classification and selection together with your proposal for a speech. Within a session, proposals for presentations with participation of the user have priority.

Different to numerous comparable events, DNUG does not charge any fees for speeches at the conferences. The incorporation into the program does not depend from a participation as exhibitor.

Terms for participation at the conference as SPEAKER:
  • Conference attendance free of charge for the speaker from the user company
  • Charging of the usual conference fees (495 EUR or 595 EUR [member companies] and 1,095 EUR or 1,345 EUR [guests]) for the Business Partner / Producer / Service Provider
  • Expenses for travel and accommodation are not born by the DNUG

The following general conditions are valid for participation in the EXHIBITION as additional activity at the conference:

A fee of 300 EUR (members) / 400 EUR (nonmembers) per person is charged for registration of additional marketing staff or staff of business partners, producers, service providers for the exhibition.
Ordering of supplementary equipment for the exhibition booth / rented rooms is also liable for costs.

Speakers are not entitled to invite further participants to free conference attendance.

Your customers from user companies, which are no DNUG members yet, are welcome to use of the offered discount rates for conference attendance:
  • Conference attendance on invitation by a DNUG member: 700 EUR
  • Visit of the exhibition: 60 EUR per person and day (catering during the day included, evening event not included)

All prices are given net, plus statutory VAT.
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