IBM Software Certification Tests during the DNUG Spring Conference in Bremen

We are glad to offer you, as attendee of the DNUG Conference in Bremen, the chance for certification tests in cooperation with IBM at the event in June.

The tests are available on both conference days, June 5 + 6, 2008.

For a list of all current IBM software tests from the field of Lotus, WebSphere, SOA, XML, Rational, Information Management and Tivoli please click here.

Please put down the selected test together with the preferred time/date in the field "Comments" of the on-line registration form.

1. You can attempt the same test only twice within 30 days. Both attempts are possible during the conference.
2. At the beginning of the test on spot in Bremen, you have to legitimize yourself with your conference badge and a valid identity card.
3. Have you already done IBM tests? In that case, you have to indicate the corresponding ID-number.
4. The tests will be done by means of multiple choice questions at a PC without any further auxiliary means. The testing tool Prime, a tool for password-protected online tests, will be used.
5. If a registered participant will not turn up within 10 minutes after the agreed time for the test, the reserved spot will be offered to the next interested person at the waiting list.
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